6 Days of Silence: Rauner and Ives Won’t Talk… But Maybe They Text?

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It’s been six days since Governor Bruce Rauner was thoroughly embarrassed by state Representative Jeanne Ives, who earned 48% of the Republican primary vote. Despite Rauner’s obvious need to patch things up with his primary opponent, the two have not spoken since the election. In fact, Ives spent most of last week trashing the wounded governor even more.
Rauner said he has not spoken with Ives, but maybe he tried to reach her via text. It probably went something like this:

“Bruce Rauner’s lies and betrayals divided the Republican Party so badly that his primary opponent refuses to speak with him,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner’s failed leadership turned away Democrats and Independents, and now 48% of Republican voters. With no accomplishments and no supporters, Rauner truly is the most vulnerable incumbent in the nation.”