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Christie Flops, Returns to Broken NJ

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Christie Flops, Returns to Broken NJ

It’s official: Chris Christie’s presidential campaign is a flop.

For more than a year, Christie has abandoned his job as governor in favor of the bright lights of New Hampshire and Iowa. Now he’s stuck returning home to the many problems he created in New Jersey.

Here’s a tale of the tape on Christie’s failed bid:



“For the last year, Chris Christie has put the state of New Jersey in his rear-view mirror, while he chased his presidential pipe dreams,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But Governor Christie could never escape the problems he left in New Jersey. His campaign was haunted by 9 credit downgrades, a transportation funding disaster and a sputtering economy in New Jersey. Voters in New Hampshire and Iowa – like New Jersey residents — have rejected Governor Christie’s record of failed leadership. We look forward to replacing Governor Christie in 2017 with a Democratic governor who will show up and fight for the people of New Jersey.”