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DGA Releases Website: ‘Vitter’s House of Lies’

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DGA Releases Website: ‘Vitter’s House of Lies’

New Site Launches on Day of Gubernatorial Debate 

Today, as David Vitter prepares to take the debate stage, the Democratic Governors Association launched a new website highlighting some of the lies on which Republican Senator David Vitter has built his 23-year political career.

The DGA website, ‘Vitter’s House of Lies,’ is available here:

Vitter – like a certain fictional South Carolina Congressman – has spent his career in Washington lying and deceiving to get ahead. The website compares Vitter’s statements to his real record.

“David Vitter’s lies and deception in Washington would make Frank Underwood proud,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Throughout his 23-year political career, Vitter has built a house of lies that proves Louisiana simply cannot trust him. Before the November 21st election, voters deserve a chance to see the difference between what David Vitter says and what David Vitter does.”   

The site highlights Vitter’s distortions on three issues: veterans, middle class families, and fiscal conservatism.

 Of note:

  • Vitter claims to be a fiscal conservative, yet voted 13 times against pay-as-you-go policies for new spending on earmarks like Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere.”
  • Vitter claims to have  supporting middle class families, saying the he wants “the best for all Louisianans,” yet opposed $180 billion in tax cuts for the middle class.
  • Vitter says that he supports veterans, but has voted against veterans healthcare and job training – even voting to allow TRICARE fees to triple on military retirees.

Tonight, as David Vitter addresses voters during the gubernatorial debate, he will have to answer to this long record of failing to deliver on his promises.