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5 NC Ed. Boards Slam McCrory’s Executive Order

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5 NC Ed. Boards Slam McCrory’s Executive Order

The reviews are in on Pat McCrory’s LGBT executive order: No one is buying what McCrory is selling.

Over the past two days, the 5 largest-circulation newspapers in North Carolina have editorialized against McCrory’s order as “empty language,” “carrying no weight” and “ignoring the core problem.”

Here’s what North Carolina’s 5 largest newspapers’ editorial boards are saying about McCrory’s executive order: 

Charlotte ObserverAfter McCrory’s order, little real change

“A close reading, though, reveals mostly empty language that leaves every element of House Bill 2 in place.” 

“The bottom line: LGBT individuals in Charlotte still don’t have the protections against discrimination that HB 2 took away.” 

“McCrory’s Executive Order 93 and his trumpeting of it had all the bluster of the Wizard of Oz’s fiery head and imposing voice. But North Carolinians should pay attention to the man behind the curtain. McCrory is frantically pulling levers and pushing buttons, but this is still a state government without a brain, or a heart or courage.”

“The Wizard spoke Tuesday but it was all smoke. Too bad we can’t just click our heels and go back home to the North Carolina we used to know.” [4/12/16]  

Fayetteville ObserverMcCrory’s HB2 tweaks won’t stop the damage

 “The governor is seeking shelter from an international wave of criticism and scorn for HB2. Heavy financial damage is putting deep dents in McCrory’s vaunted ‘Carolina Comeback.’”

“All of that damage has happened within three weeks of HB2 becoming law. And McCrory’s attempts at tweaking law and policy won’t make a difference, because he’s ignoring the core problem: HB2 allows discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identification.” 

“Until that monument to bigotry is repealed, the deep damage to this state’s reputation and economy will continue – and will likely escalate.” [4/14/16]

Greensboro News & RecordMcCrory’s small step

“His ‘order’ amounts to a series of suggestions carrying no weight without legislative action.” 

“…ill-considered legislation that, as it stands, still excludes gays and lesbians from state protection against discrimination in public accommodations and bars cities from doing any better. The governor didn’t even suggest repealing that provision, which lies at the heart of HB 2 and has triggered most of the backlash.” [4/13/16]

Raleigh News & ObserverMcCrory spins on HB2 when he should back its repeal

 “…the governor is running for political cover in pretending to correct HB2, the disastrous bill passed by Republican leaders in the legislature. The bill – signed immediately by the governor – has cost the state hundreds of jobs and made North Carolina a national laughingstock.”

“In fact, the governor’s claims are muddled. His executive order really has little authority behind it.”

“He should stop spinning the law and call for its total repeal.” [4/12/16] 

Winston-Salem JournalLack of enforcement plan shows HB2 is a costly farce

“The emperor has no clothes.”

“McCrory started trying to walk the measure back Tuesday with an executive order that does too little too late.”

“If they have any real concern for our state’s well-being, at least its economic well-being, the legislature and McCrory would rescind HB2 now.” [4/13/16]