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2014 Candidate Rauner’s Campaign Message Against 2017 Governor Rauner

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A Look Back at 8 Times Rauner Campaigned on Credit Downgrades

Last Thursday, Illinois was hit by two credit downgrades after Governor Rauner yet again failed to negotiate and pass a budget. In just two and a half years under Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership, Illinois has suffered eight (8) credit downgrades. 

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune reminded readers that Bruce Rauner used to use credit downgrades as a measure of “failure” during his 2014 campaign. Zorn continued:

“But the slide has continued under Rauner. When Moody’s and S&P both downgraded Illinois on Thursday, it marked the eighth such move during Rauner’s term. 

‘Not just continued, but accelerated.” 

Illinois is moving backwards under Governor Bruce Rauner.

In commemoration of Rauner’s eight credit downgrades, below is a list of eight times he profiled the issue in his 2014 election campaign.

  1. That time he put it on his website.
  2. That time he called it “Unacceptable” on his Twitter page (dug up by Illinois Working Families).
  3. That time he mentioned it “at each campaign event.”
  4. That time he attacked his opponent in the Chicago Tribune editorial meeting.
  5. That time he had it in his announcement video.
  6. That time he had it in an ad.
  7. That time he used to it fact check his opponent’s record.
  8. That time he called it a “death spiral.”