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0 for 10: Gillespie Still Hasn’t Called Out Trump

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Republicans Around the Country Condemned Trump’s Comments 

It’s been four days since President Trump’s first controversial press conference on Charlottesville. Since then, leaders from around the country, Democrats and Republicans, have boldly criticized him for failing to clearly condemn the white nationalists protests.
But not Ed Gillespie.
Since the president’s press conference, Gillespie has commented at least 10 times on the on the subject of Charlottesville, issuing two statements, tweeting four times, and giving three interviews. Not once did he mention Trump’s name.
Not. Once.
“Ed Gillespie is running the most cowardly campaign in modern Virginia history,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “If candidate Gillespie won’t stand up for Virginians when the President defends neo-Nazis, how will he act as governor? Virginia needs a governor with the courage and moral compass to lead. Ed Gillespie failed that test, and proved that he will put politics over leadership every day.”
The pressure for Gillespie to step up is bipartisan. In recent days, multiple conservative voices have singled out Gillespie for his failure to rid the Virginia GOP of its flirtations with white nationalists.
From Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s article:
“The problem is that in the age of the alt-right, Trump and heightened xenophobia, it’s no longer possible to dodge the hard questions. The lines are bright and unforgiving. You’re on one side or the other.”
“If Gillespie wants to be a leader of a modern, tolerant and diverse Commonwealth, he cannot wink at Corey Stewart voters.”
Conservative columnist Norman Leahy also placed the onus squarely on Gillespie.
“The man and his baggage will be weighing Republicans down for months to come — unless Gillespie does something to weed anyone who would consort with white nationalists out of the Virginia GOP.” 
So far, he doesn’t appear ready to make the effort.
As Gillespie shirks his duties, a long list of Republicans have stepped up and explicitly rebuked the president.
Marco Rubio, Cory Gardner, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and many others in Congress condemned the president’s placement of blame on “all-sides.”