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🚨 Denver Riggleman Contemplating Third Party Campaign In Virginia

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“After the anger that I’ve seen and the people that are running and what they’re saying, it’s hard not to.”

Former VA GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman suggested during an interview yesterday that he might run as a third party candidate in the governor’s race because the candidate pool is weak and the nasty primary has been “difficult to sit and watch.”

The VA GOP nomination fight has been nothing short of an all-out brawl to prove who is the Trumpiest candidate, and the contenders are laughable.

The “frontrunner” at the moment is self-described “Trump in heels” state Sen. Amanda Chase, who was censured by members of her own party for praising the “patriots” who attacked the U.S. Capitol, has rejected science and mask-wearing, and called on Donald Trump to declare martial law to hold on to power. The others aren’t real winners either – Pete Snyder is an Amanda Chase wannabe, Glenn Youngkin thinks he can buy the governor’s race, Kirk Cox cowardly refuses to stand up to Trump, and Sergio de la Peña is a former Trump administration official who is running his campaign on fully embracing every aspect of the Trump agenda.

Not a single VA GOP candidate shares the values of Virginians – they’re all Trump lackeys trying to pander to the disgraced President’s base. And with the GOP spending every weekend fighting over how to choose a nominee, the party has spent little to no time focusing on the needs of Virginians.

Riggleman described the Trumpism taking over the VA GOP perfectly – it’s “a rot.” When asked if he would mount a third party run, Riggleman left the option open: “After the anger that I’ve seen and the people that are running and what they’re saying, it’s hard not to.”

Watch Rep. Riggleman criticize the VA GOP’s embarrassing primary here.

“The Trumpism taking over the VA GOP is, in Republican Denver Riggleman’s terms, a rot,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “The party has long been a bastion of crazy, but the candidate pool this year has upped the ante. The primary has become entirely about who can embrace the Trump agenda the most. Riggleman is right; it is difficult to sit and watch.”