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 Meet Kate Brown – Oregon's Next Governor

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Tomorrow, at 10:00AM PST, Secretary of State Kate Brown will be sworn in as Oregon’s 38th Governor and then address a joint session of the Oregon legislature.
Brown’s remarks will focus on the need to unite and get back to work on behalf of Oregon families. She’ll lay out a series of immediate reforms needed to restore the public’s trust in government. And she’ll speak to her bipartisan approach to helping Oregon’s working families make ends meet.
With more than 20 years of experience in public service, and a proven record of making government more accountable and standing up for middle-class families, Brown is uniquely prepared to unite Oregonians and move the state forward.
During her career, Brown has led on:

  • Cutting red tape for Oregon small business owners by launching Oregon Business Xpress to streamline business registration and licensing.
  • Strengthening government ethics and transparency by championing a 2005 bill to put Oregon campaign finance data online, and introducing a 2007 ethics reform bill that the Oregonian called “the state’s most sweeping package of ethics reform in 34 years.”
  • Passing a bill to make Oregon the first state to require insurance companies to cover annual breast exams for women over 18 as part of preventive health care screenings.
  • Improving government efficiency by overseeing an Audits Divison that has identified millions of dollars in savings.
  • Improving lives for working families by working to pass the Oregon’s family medical leave bill in 1991, which made the state one of the first in the country to allow parents to stay home with their sick children without fear of losing their jobs.

For more information on Oregon’s incoming Governor, please click here for her full biography.