March 24, 2017


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2017 Jim Renacci Betrays 2010 Jim Renacci

2017 Jim Renacci Betrays 2010 Jim Renacci

Renacci Announces Support for House GOP Health Care Bill

In 2010, Renacci Railed Against ‘Shady Backroom Deals and Political Payoffs’ 

Today, Rep. Jim Renacci announced he will cast a vote in favor of the AHCA, a decision that could define his 2018 campaign for governor.

Renacci was first elected to office campaigning against “backroom deals” on health care, and supporting a 72-hour-rule for members to read a bill before it was voted on. 

Renacci’s support for the AHCA violates those pledges, while threatening health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Ohioans.

“With his support for the AHCA, 2017 Jim Renacci has clearly forgotten the principles that 2010 Jim Renacci believed in,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Rep. Renacci’s hypocrisy on healthcare is stunning. This complete 180 shows Washington has changed Jim Renacci – for the worse.”



THEN: Renacci Against ‘Backroom Deals’

2010 Jim Renacci Slammed “Shady Backroom Deals and Political Payoffs” in Health Care Bill. According to a Renacci Campaign Press Release, Renacci said, “’At a time when the people of northeast Ohio desperately needed their Congressman to stand up for them and to stand against a trillion dollar government takeover of health care that will further cripple our economy and raise premiums on families, John Boccieri has failed us all. As Democratic leaders in Washington continue to buy votes for this bill through shady backroom deals and political payoffs, one has to wonder exactly what John Boccieri was promised in exchange for his decision to sell-out his own district and flip-flop on this disastrous piece of legislation.” [Renacci Campaign Press Release, 3/19/10]

NOW: AHCA Includes ‘Buffalo Bribe’

Politico Headline:Health care bill’s ‘Buffalo Bribe’ Detonates Across New York.” [Politico, 3/21/17]

New York Reps. Brokered Deal to Secure Votes for AHCA – Similar to “Cornhusker Kickback” for ACA in 2010. According to Politico, “As part of the last-minute scramble to ensure the 216 votes needed to pass the measure in a vote planned for Thursday, New York Reps. Chris Collins and John Faso brokered a change to transfer more of the burden of caring for Medicaid beneficiaries from counties to the state of New York — a move that could ensure that the majority of Republicans in New York’s nine-member GOP House delegation ultimately back the bill. […] At the heart of the deal — reminiscent of the so-called “Cornhusker Kickback” for Nebraska that helped grease passage of Obamacare in 2010 — was a targeted change to Medicaid funding that supporters say could lower local property taxes for Upstate New Yorkers.” [Politico, 3/21/17]

THEN: Renacci Supported 72-Hour Rule

In August 2011, Renacci Called on Congressional Leaders to Post Bills Online ‘At Least 72 Hours Before’ a Final Vote. According to a Renacci Press Release, “The letter makes the following four requests, that: 1) all meetings and hearings of the committee be publically noticed, open to the public, broadcast on the Internet, and archived on the committee’s website; 2) final legislative language put forward by the committee be posted online for at least 72 hours before the final committee vote; 3) campaign contributions to committee members be posted at least once a week; and 4) all meetings between lobbyists and other special interest groups and members of the committee and their staffs should be posted online at least once per week.” [Renacci Press Release, 8/10/11]

The Republican “Pledge to America” Included a Vow to, “Give All Representatives and Citizens At Least Three Days to Read the Bill Before a Vote.” [Pledge to America, September 2011]

  • In March 2011, Renacci Signed a Letter to Republican House Leaders Pushing them to Keep “Commitment in the Pledge to America.” According to a letter signed by Renacci to Republican Congressional Leaders, “As new members of Congress who ran on a shared goal of fiscal conservatism and a strong national defense, we write in support of crafting a budget resolution for fiscal year 2012 that meets out commitment in the Pledge to America to provide for a ‘robust defense.’” [Renacci Letter, 3/17/11]
  • In July 2011, Renacci Praised the “Pledge to America” as a “New Governing Agenda.” According to a Renacci Press Release, “In September, House Republicans introduced a Pledge to America — a new governing agenda focused on job creation, reining in destabilizing deficit spending and making America more competitive. The Pledge is founded upon the idea our government cannot continue to embrace the big-spending, big-government policies of the past — policies that drove our economy to the brink of the abyss — if we wish to restore strength and vitality to our nation today and into the future.” [Renacci Press Release, 7/6/11]

NOW: Bill ‘Directly Violates’ 3-Day Rule

Republicans Were “Set To Directly Violate” Own Three Day Rule Before Voting on AHCA. According to Vox, “During the Obamacare debate in 2010, congressional Republicans frequently criticized Democrats for not reading the full bill, alleging that the health care law was a bill ‘written in the dark of night and rushed through Congress; before being fully vetted. In response, the House GOP implemented a new rule in 2010 mandating that all bills be posted online for three full days before receiving a vote. Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) even celebrated it […] Seven years later, Republicans are set to directly violate the rule Walden praised with a bill that Walden helped write. They’re now expected to vote on the floor Friday afternoon on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act, less than a day after lawmakers raced to make major last-minute changes to key provisions to the bill.” [Vox, 3/23/17]

Mark Murray Tweet: “House GOP has violated EVERY process criticism they made against Dems in 2009-10, and made those Dems look like Roman Senate by comparison.” [Mark Murray NBC News, 3/24/17]