March 24, 2017


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ICYMI – Gov. Malloy On GOP Health Care Defeat: “Good Day for America”

In case you missed it, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy joined MSNBC to talk about the defeat of the Republican health care bill. The governor has loudly advocated against the bill for the damage it would do to Medicaid and state budgets. The governor warned that President Trump has set a “time-bomb” by not enforcing the Obamacare mandate, and therefore owns the damage it will do to the nation’s health care system. 

“This has been a disaster,” said Governor Malloy on MSNBC. “Republicans had seven years to think about this and they couldn’t put a plan together. They always said they had a plan, but obviously they didn’t. The reality is Americans don’t want to see 26 million of their brothers and sisters lose coverage.”


“There was no ‘replace’ for Medicaid. They were going to destroy Medicaid for millions and millions of people. So I think this is a good day for America. I think it’s a good day for our chances of protecting what is a step forward in the United States to making sure people have healthcare.”

“Who wants to be on record as saying, ‘I want to take away your insurance,’ for 26 million Americans?”

“The President has set a time bomb. And I don’t think it’s gotten sufficient coverage. When he directed the IRS not to enforce the mandate, what he is doing now – what he has, in essence done, is made sure that every Americans’ coverage on the individual side will cost substantially more money.”