April 5, 2017


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GOP Infighting: SC Gov Primary Messy From Day One

GOP Infighting: SC Gov Primary Messy From Day One

Templeton Enters Race With Strong Words for Gov. McMaster

It’s day one – and the GOP primary is already getting nasty.

Yesterday, former state health department director Catherine Templeton announced her campaign to swipe the 2018 GOP nomination from sitting Governor Henry McMaster.

In her announcement, she had some choice words for the governor: 

“I can’t unsee what I saw in Columbia. The corruption, waste, self interest, and good ol boy system is alive and well. It’s ridiculous.”

Templeton has some fresh evidence of that “good ol boy system” to point to. Governor McMaster is tangled up in a ballooning corruption probe that shows the Republican state party and other close allies engaged in a “financial shell game” to aid his political rise. 

“It’s clear South Carolina Republicans are deeply divided heading into 2018,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Governor McMaster began his governorship by refusing to leave his whites-only country club, and his problems have only multiplied since then. Now, he’s mired in a major corruption scandal and a divisive Republican primary. This is shaping up to be a nightmare scenario for South Carolina Republicans.”