August 22, 2018


Alaska, Latest News

DGA Statement on Alaska Republican Primary

Today, Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Jared Leopold released the following statement on Mike Dunleavy’s gubernatorial nomination in Alaska:

“Mike Dunleavy is a far-right candidate who has set records for incompetence in Juneau,” said Leopold. “After 3.5 years of failed leadership in Juneau, the last thing Alaska needs is a divisive, partisan warrior as governor.  

“Mike Dunleavy is the only majority-party senator in the past 30 years who wasn’t the primary sponsor on a bill that became law. Instead of solving problems, Mike Dunleavy pursued bizarre far-right causes that stood in the way of progress. He attempted to torpedo the Alaska Safe Children’s Act with a fringe amendment to punish Planned Parenthood. And he advocated for undoing bipartisan progress by cutting Medicaid expansion, which would threaten the healthcare of 43,000 Alaskans. Alaskans deserve a governor who will lead the state forward, not someone who will drag Alaska backwards.”