September 30, 2015


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AWK-WARD: Bevin Endorses Carson, 3 Days Before Joint Event with Paul

AWK-WARD: Bevin Endorses Carson, 3 Days Before Joint Event with Paul

At Ky. gov. debate, Bevin spurns Rand to endorse another GOP presidential candidate 

Well, this is going to be awkward.

Just three days before Senator Rand Paul is going to hold an event for Matt Bevin’s embattled gubernatorial campaign, Bevin announced at a debate this morning that he has endorsed Ben Carson for president over Paul.

In other words, Rand Paul isn’t even Matt Bevin’s favorite doctor in the race for president.

Video of Bevin’s endorsement of Carson today is available here:

“Today, Senator Paul learned what too many Kentuckians already know: You can’t trust Matt Bevin,” said DGA spokesman Jared Leopold. “Matt Bevin’s campaign is getting increasingly lonely, as it suffers under the weight of his record of lies and tax delinquencies. It’s no surprise that Matt Bevin continues to isolate himself as his true record emerges.”

Bevin’s rejection of Paul comes on the heels of the Republican Governors Association going dark in Kentucky — one of several feuds Bevin has had with party leaders in Washington and Kentucky.

“Of those still in the race right now, I like Ben Carson,” Bevin said during the debate today. “He’s not taking shots at people. He’s intelligent. He’s articulate. He’s respected.”