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Steve Sisolak

Governor of Nevada

Gov. Steve Sisolak has served as the 30th governor of Nevada since January 7, 2019. As governor, he has promised to put Nevadan families first by defending their healthcare, protecting the environment, and fighting for common-sense gun safety. He also strives to create meaningful investments in education and job creation through diversifying the economy.

Gov. Sisolak was raised in a working-class family in Wisconsin, which gave him his blue-collar work ethic. He worked full-time to put himself through college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later a master’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Prior to serving as governor, Gov. Sisolak served on the Nevada Board of Regents for a decade, a decision fueled by his passion for education. He fought against families who were wrongfully charged out-of-state tuition and for increased state funding. He was elected to the Clark County Commission, serving as chairman until he was sworn in as governor. He gained a reputation for being a problem solver and leader, managing the state’s largest county budget and leading the region through the Great Recession. He has applied the same work ethic as governor, ensuring access to quality health care and job creation for working-class families in the Silver State.

Gov. Sisolak is proud to call Nevada his home. Gov. Sisolak is the proud dad of two daughters and is married to Kathy. Kathy got to know Steve at the neighborhood gym and started dating her future husband in 2013. She first met him many years prior to dating him during his time as a Board of Regent then as a Clark County Commissioner. They married in December 2018 soon after Steve was elected as governor for the State of Nevada.