Headshot of Hawai'i Governor-Elect Josh Green on a light blue-yellow gradient background.

Josh Green

Governor of Hawaii

Dr. Josh Green is a husband, a father, an ER doctor, and Governor of Hawai’i.

More than 20 years ago, Josh started caring for local families as a doctor in a small clinic on Big Island.

He became part of the community and got to know the challenges people faced, like the high cost of living, the lack of affordable housing, and the plague of addiction.

So he ran for office, serving in the State House and State Senate from 2004 to 2018 and making a difference in people’s lives, like providing healthcare for every child in Hawai’i, more resources to treat addiction, and insurance coverage for kids with autism.

Hawai'i Governor Josh Green and his wife Jamie, smiling.In 2005, Josh met Jaime Ushiroda, a local girl from Kaneohe, and they were married in 2006.

In 2018, Josh became Hawaii’s Lt. Governor, and when he saw the need for real solutions on homelessness, he helped build kauhale communities and the H4 clinic to provide housing and care for those in need.

When a measles epidemic hit Samoa in 2019, Josh led a team of doctors and nurses from Hawai’i, and within 48 hours they vaccinated 37,000 people and protected Samoa’s children.

Just a few months later COVID hit Hawai’i, and as COVID liaison Josh led the largest healthcare response in state history, pulling Hawaii together to vaccinate over a million people, protect our kupuna, and save thousands of lives.

Josh and his wife Jaime share the values of Hawai’i — family and community, diversity, and a responsibility to future generations.

Together they are the proud parents of 15 year-old daughter Maia and 11 year-old son Sam.

Today, Josh continues to work as an Emergency Room doctor on weekends, caring for local families as he has for over 20 years.