The Weekender (4/10/20)


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New Hampshire: On Wednesday, both Democratic gubernatorial candidates called for Gov. Chris Sununu to institute no-excuse absentee voting. NH Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes detailed his comprehensive plan to improve NH’s election process, which includes online and mail-in voter registration. Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky wrote that he was “appalled” by the GOP-bungled Wisconsin primary and urged Sununu to allow all voters to cast a ballot by mail. On Thursday, Sununu relented to the pressure of the Democratic candidates, and because of their efforts Granite Staters can cast an absentee ballot if they don’t feel comfortable going to the polls in person this November.
Missouri: While Gov. Mike Parson spent the week cashing four individual six-figure donations to his PAC, Democratic gubernatorial candidate State Auditor Nicole Galloway has engaged in virtual outreach to connect with Missourians. Galloway held a video Q&A session with a group of women from St. Joseph and encouraged Missourians to get involved with the COVID-19 relief effort by sharing links to resources to help Missouri’s most vulnerable. Galloway also continued her petition campaign to demand that Gov. Parson classify grocery store and pharmacy workers as first responders.

“Weak and Spineless”: Ron DeSantis Ranked Second-To-Last For His Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic
A Microsoft News poll shows Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tied for second-to-last in approval ratings on governors’ handling of the coronavirus crisis. DeSantis received a mere 53% compared to the average rating of 72%. The poll showed that the lowest rated governors, like DeSantis, were the ones who were slowest to act. It’s clear Americans want their governors to take decisive action against this virus.
DeSantis only issued a stay-at-home order last Wednesday, but it might be too little too late, as the governor let thousands of spring breakers flood the Florida beaches for weeks, possibly becoming “super-spreaders” that could tragically worsen the pandemic. DeSantis’ stay-at-home order just “encourages” businesses to telework and restaurants to offer delivery. One local official called the governor’s order “so weak and spineless I thought it was an April Fool’s joke.”
In addition to ignoring public health experts and letting the coronavirus run rampant in his state, DeSantis also tried to sneakily pass an executive order that allows him to overrule the localities on coronavirus restrictions, causing confusion among local officials.

DGA Releases New Video, “Leading”
The Democratic Governors Association released a new video, “Leading.”
Democratic governors are leading the nation through the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re listening to public health experts and making the tough choices to protect their constituents and slow the spread of the coronavirus. The national media has taken notice, releasing countless pieces on the impressive show of leadership from governors. Americans know it too – they trust their state governments more than the president right now
Watch the video here.

“Can you imagine if Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, ‘I’ll be right behind you, Connecticut, good luck building those battleships’?”

“Maybe [Dr. Fauci] doesn’t have all the information. You can’t just look at a map and assume that no action has been taken. That is completely false.” 
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If you guessed GOP Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp last week, you were right! Kemp claimed he only found out one day ago that COVID-19 can spread from asymptomatic individuals, earning him the title of The Worst GOP Governor, according to conservative publication The Bulwark.