The Weekender (8/2/19)


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Beshear Earning Bipartisan Support
This past week, Republican state Senator Dan Seum put his support behind Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andy Beshear. “This is not about partisan politics. This is about who is going to lead this state in the next four years,” said Seum in a video released Monday.
Be sure to tune into Fancy Farm tomorrow! You can watch the storied political event here.

Forest’s Floundering Fundraising Numbers
North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s month went from bad to worse with the release of his pitiful fundraising numbers showing incumbent Gov. Roy Cooper with a 5:1 cash on hand advantage. With the news that state Rep. Holly Grange had thrown her hat in the race for the Republican primary, Forest’s dismal haul is sure to be used in what is shaping up to be a divisive and high-priced primary challenge.

Playbook of Democratic Governors Is The Path To The White House

As the highly competitive race for president continues to speed up, Democratic candidates could take a lesson from Democratic governors. In 2018, the DGA flipped seven gubernatorial seats by focusing on delivering results for the kitchen table issues that matter to voters. These same issues will again be at play in 2020—and are the path to victory to the White House.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer thinks so. A Washington Post column from Karen Tumulty this week profiled Gov. Whitmer and how her laser-focused campaign on issues like transportation and education fueled her 2018 victory. Her campaign slogan, “Fix the damn roads,” echoed her ability to focus on the real issues and not on the divisive spectre of Donald Trump. Whitmer said winning is as simple as “really staying on the things that improve people’s lives.”

Dem Govs across the country have won on this simple message: take action on the issues that matter and keep the promises you make. In states like Maine, Illinois, and Nevada, new Dem Govs have kept their campaign promises: expanding Medicaid, legalizing recreational marijuana, and codifying women’s reproductive rights. These Govs have the playbook for how a Democratic candidate can get to the Oval Office: provide solutions, not just talk.

300 million – Budget surplus Louisiana has thanks to the leadership of Gov. John Bel Edwards, who turned a $2 billion budget deficit into a surplus.
21.3 million – Dollars allocated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in grants for capital projects at 35 colleges and universities across New York.
56 – Percentage of rural hospitals in Mississippi that lost funding after state Republicans, including Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, blocked efforts to reform Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

“This is America today — the shootings continue. Loved ones are buried. Children are gunned down. And Congress does nothing. Today, the headlines will have moved on — but we won’t.”
– California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaking about the mass shooting in Gilroy which claimed three lives, including that of six-year-old Stephen Romero.

“I know y’all came here to hear me throw rocks. People say when the others are throwing rocks, sit back and let them.”
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If you guessed Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week, you are spot on! During a news conference at The National Governors’ Association Summer Meeting, Gov. Whitmer said, “When Republicans at the federal and state level are working to take health care away from hardworking families, Democratic governors are expanding health care.” Democratic governors discussed the various ways they are expanding and protecting access to health care and fighting back against the chaos and sabotage coming out of D.C.