The Weekender (9/13/19)


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Kentucky: Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andy Beshear unveiled a new plan to expand gaming in Kentucky to fund public pensions for public servants such as teachers and first responders. 
Beshear also announced raising more than $4.2 million since the primary, surpassing $6.7 million raised overall. 
Louisiana: Gov. John Bel Edwards released a new ad, “Harder Right,” featuring his West Point classmates speaking about how Edwards has displayed the leadership skills they learned at West Point in taking on the state’s budget crisis and leading the state through natural disasters. 
Gov. Edwards also announced his fundraising numbers. He raised more than both of his Republican opponents combined and has $5.7 million cash-on-hand. 

Reeves’ Bad Blood Spills Over From Primary Into General
Tate Reeves can’t seem to unite the GOP around his candidacy. His former GOP opponent Bill Waller refused to endorse Reeves after a divisive runoff. Last week, GOP Lt. Gov. nominee Delbert Hosemann refused to endorse Reeves because of his heavy-handed and partisan style of leadership in the state legislature. So the Mississippi GOP held a unity event this week and before any reporters could ask Hosemann if he supported Reeves, he ducked out of the press conference. 
During the runoff, Reeves said, “I have absolutely no concern with isolating myself from anybody.” Maybe Reeves should be concerned.

The Battle For Democracy Is Happening Right Now In North Carolina
On 9/11, North Carolina Republicans hit a new low by calling a surprise vote to override Gov. Cooper’s veto. Knowing they didn’t have the votes if Democrats were present, House Republicans deliberately chose to hold a vote when barely half of the body’s members were in the Capitol. 
House Republicans decided they would rather cheat to deny teachers a pay raise they deserve and 500,000 North Carolinians health care than negotiate with Gov. Cooper. They bullied and bribed legislators, and when that wasn’t successful, they lied to subvert democracy. 
After gerrymandering themselves into a majority, North Carolina Republicans are grappling with the new reality that Gov. Cooper has veto power and is willing to use it. Democracy is on the line in North Carolina and Gov. Cooper is trying to protect it. 

500 million – Budget surplus in Louisiana thanks to a thriving economy under Gov. Edwards. When Gov. Edwards took office, Louisiana had nearly a $2 billion shortfall and now the state has a surplus. 
50,000 – Number of naloxone kits the state of Michigian is giving away to fight the opioid epidemic thanks to Gov. Whitmer. Naloxone is used to save the life of a person experiencing an opioid overdose. 
55 – Number of bills New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has vetoed, including a minimum wage increase, expansion of renewable energy, paid family and medical leave, and a budget that works for all Granite Staters. Sununu set a record for most bills vetoed by a New Hampshire governor ever.

“We’re sick of hoping and praying. The statements from the administration or Leader McConnell ring more hollow by the day. So the fact of the matter is states have to step up.” 
-New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy speaking on CNN’s New Day about his executive order to curb gun violence. The unique action takes steps to limit New Jersey’s ties with gun vendors and financial institutions that do not promote responsible gun safety practices.  

“Their ideas haven’t worked. Their bullying hasn’t worked. Their bribes haven’t worked.”
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If you guessed former Mississippi GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Waller last week, you were right! Both Waller and Delbert Hosemann, the GOP Lt. Gov. nominee in Mississippi, have refused to endorse Tate Reeves for governor.