The Weekender (9/30/22)


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Colorado: With just a few weeks until Election Day, Heidi Ganahl has resorted to pushing straight-up lies in a desperate attempt to pull ahead in the race. The Colorado Times Recorder reports Ganahl is pushing “outrageous and thoroughly debunked claims” that kids in Colorado schools are identifying as cats. The absurd phenomenon Ganahl claims is “happening all over Colorado schools” is just the latest talking point she’s picked up from the extreme wings of the GOP. Rep. Lauren Boebert has made similarly outrageous and untrue comments. While she falls back on conspiracy theories, Ganahl has absolutely no real plan to improve Colorado schools. Even as a CU regent, Ganahl fought to bring the GOP’s extreme agenda onto campus, supported John Eastman — an architect of Donald Trump’s last-ditch bid to subvert the 2020 election — as a visiting professor, and opposed initiatives to make college more affordable. Meanwhile, in their debate this week, Gov. Jared Polis called out Ganahl for appointing a running mate who has pushed the Big Lie and highlighted the state’s record job numbers in his first term.
Michigan: While Tudor Dixon is facing intense backlash for her dangerous and extreme comments about kidnapping, as highlighted in a new video from the DGA over the weekend, Gov. Whitmer continues to build strong support from Michiganders across party lines. On Friday, the Michigan Manufacturers Association announced they’re endorsing Gov. Whitmer for reelection. The traditionally conservative-leaning group previously endorsed the GOP candidate for governor in 2018. In their endorsement, the group cited how they “worked productively with Gov. Whitmer on the manufacturing sector’s top policy priorities to help our members compete in the global economy.” And just this week, Gov. Whitmer’s campaign announced Independents for Whitmer, a coalition of more than 100 independent voters – including leaders in business and health care – from across the state. The announcement comes after Gov. Whitmer announced Republicans for Whitmer earlier this month, a coalition of more than 150 Republicans supporting her campaign.

LISTEN: In Newly Uncovered Interview, Doug Mastriano Says Women Who Violate Abortion Ban Should Be Charged With Murder
In a previously unreported interview with Pennsylvania radio station WITF, Doug Mastriano said that women should be charged with murder if they violated his proposed abortion ban. Listen to the audio here.Facing pushback for sponsoring legislation banning abortion before most women know they’re pregnant and asked if he was saying they should be charged with murder, Mastriano responded, “Yes, I am.”Mastriano has repeatedly stated his top priority, if elected, would be to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest, calling it “the single most important issue … in our lifetime.”

Paul LePage Benefiting from Florida Tax Breaks While Running to Be Governor of Maine
The New York Times reported last weekend that Paul LePage has been benefiting from Florida tax breaks reserved for permanent residents despite running to be governor of Maine.Public records show that LePage and his wife have benefited from Florida’s tax laws while living in the Maine governor’s mansion and during his current campaign. They received Florida tax breaks from 2009 to 2015 and 2018 through the end of this year.While the tax breaks raise eyebrows for both legal and ethical reasons, it also smacks heavily of hypocrisy — during his second term, LePage tried to rip away the homestead tax exemption for permanent Maine residents. And throughout this bid for an unprecedented third term, LePage is campaigning on preventing wealthy residents from moving to Florida for part of the year to take advantage of tax breaks.“While he was governor, Mr. LePage tried to eliminate Maine’s homestead exemption, a proposal that would have denied an estimated 213,000 Mainers benefits similar to those he enjoyed in Florida,” the New York Times reported.

Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist on MSNBC with Hallie Jackson discussing Hurricane Ian recovery and his experience leading the state during Hurricane Matthew in 2016.Georgia democratic nominee Stacey Abrams on ABC’s Good Morning America with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes discussing the biggest issues in Georgia’s midterm elections.

“I used to joke that as a doctor, I didn’t have one stethoscope for Democrats and another for Republicans — I treated them all the same. But it’s not funny that more and more each day, whether or not you can access basic healthcare depends on which state you live in.”

  • New Hampshire Democratic gubernatorial nominee Dr. Tom Sherman in a major speech at the NHDP’s annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner.

On hiring someone with a “murder-for-hire” past: *Crickets*Who said it? Send your answer to, and we’ll reveal the answer in the next Weekender!If you guessed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last week, you’re correct. Last week, DeSantis told a crowd that Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial nominee Tim Michels would pass MAGA election policies if he was elected governor.