The Weekender (8/23/19)


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While Republicans Bicker, Dem Candidates Show They’re Fighting For Working Families
Mississippi: While Republicans bicker in their runoff election, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jim Hood stopped by a rural grocery store to highlight how his plan to cut the grocery tax would help Mississippi’s working families. The Magnolia State is one of 3 states with the tax, which increases food insecurity among working families and hurts the bottom line of rural grocery stores. 
Kentucky: While Matt Bevin is engaged in multiple feuds with members of his own party this week (see the GOP Fail Of The Week for more), Andy Beshear is highlighting his record of fighting to protect the health care of Kentuckians with a pre-existing condition in a new ad

Bevin’s Blistering Week In The Bluegrass State
Why was Bevin’s week blistering, you might ask? Well..

  • His hand-picked lieutenant governor had her day in court to address Bevin’s unauthorized firings of her staff. 
  • Bevin said teachers protested his anti-education agenda as a way to get paid time off work. Yeah…seriously. 
  • Bevin’s GOP primary rival who won 48 percent of the vote said he hasn’t had a conversation with Bevin…93 days after their primary ended. Yikes. 
  • A new poll showed he trails Andy Beshear by 9 points. 

Inslee’s Incredible Record Of Success Comes Into Focus As He Exits Presidential Race
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s incredible record as governor is receiving praise since he announced he is exiting the presidential race and planning to run for re-election. Inslee is widely recognized for having “elevated the issue” of climate change in the 2020 primary, and will continue to be a national leader on the issues. Inslee has a solid record on “raising the minimum wage, health care, job creation, immigration and education—coupled with real expertise on a critical topic, climate change.” With this resounding record to run on, Inslee’s announcement he would seek a third term caused Crystal Ball to change their gubernatorial rankings for Washington from “Likely Democratic” to “Safe Democratic.” 
You can read our statement on Gov. Inslee’s announcement he is running for re-election here.

40,000 – New minimum salary for an Illinois teacher thanks to new legislation Gov. Pritzker signed into law. 
10 – Percentage of the 35,000 Mainers who have received health care through Medicaid expansion who are now receiving treatment for opioid abuse thanks to Gov. Janet Mills. 
8.5 – Percent increase North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is proposing for a much-needed raise for educators in his budget but Republican leaders haven’t made a counteroffer to his proposal.  

“It’s just frankly BS, excuse me. We can’t just sit back and say, ‘OK we’re just going to wait for another mass murder.’ It’s too long, too late, and the time is now.”
-Gov. Tony Evers of Wisconsin talking about Republican scare tactics preventing the legislature from taking action to prevent gun violence.  

“I’m sorry, it’s a name so easily forgotten.” 
Which governor said it? And it’s not something Scott Walker said about himself, we promise. Send your answer to and we’ll reveal the answer in the next Weekender! 
If you guessed Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton, you were right! Last week, Hampton was asked about reporting that Bevin had talked to her about the mysterious dismissals of her staff. She did not mince words and said, “Look, I did not talk to him. I’ve never talked with him about the dismissals. My staff has not been treated right, and I stand by my staff.”