The Weekender (8/25/23)


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HuffPost: “The Unbelievably Bonkers Conspiracy Theorist Running For Governor Of North Carolina”

A new investigation from HuffPost reveals North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s affinity for fringe conspiracy theories to be much more extensive than previously reported.In addition to casting doubt on the 1969 moon landing and multiple deadly mass shootings, Robinson, who openly admits to being a conspiracy theorist, has also engaged with social media posts promoting QAnon slogans, suggested that a 2018 series of pipe bomb threats targeting high-profile political figures and media organizations were a false-flag operation, and pushed antisemitic conspiracies and the “new world order.” This comes as Robinson has already faced broad condemnation from across the political spectrum for his antisemitic rhetoric which has put Jewish North Carolinians on “high alert.”

“First Blood” in Messy Louisiana Primary as Republicans Launch Attack Ads

State Treasurer John Schroder drew “first blood” in Louisiana’s chaotic gubernatorial primary this week with a pair of new TV ads “skewering” his Republican opponents for their “corruption and failure.”The new ads are the latest development in a race so defined by sniping and infighting that party leaders have had to intervene amidst echoes of the 2015 and 2019 races — where intra-party feuding “squandered [GOP] opportunities to win the Governor’s Mansion.”While the Republicans in the race show no sign of stopping their attacks on one another, Shawn Wilson continues to travel the state, consolidate support, and focus on building a strong  coalition.

Mark Robinson Might “Not Recall” Attacks on Reproductive Freedom — But North Carolinians Do.

North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is once again trying to downplay his extreme opposition to abortion rights. Asked by a voter about his promise earlier this year to pass legislation to make sure women “can’t get an abortion in North Carolina for any reason,” Robinson this week claimed he “did not recall making the comments.”This is just the latest example of Robinson attempting to rewrite his well-documented record on “one of the biggest issues on the ballot in 2024.” Earlier this year, he said he was “not interested in talking about abortion anymore” — before immediately going on a right-wing talk radio show to urge Republicans to “get ready to continue to move the ball” on passing even more extreme restrictions.“

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Vetoes Republican Bill That Attacks the Right to Vote 
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed an election overhaul bill passed by the Republican-controlled legislature that the governor described as “an all-out assault on the right to vote.”
The Republican led bill would lead to drastic changes to the existing election laws in the state, adding new restrictions and deadlines that would make it easier to discard same day registrants ballots and eliminates the three-day grace period for receiving absentee ballots.
Gov Cooper said,“(Republicans) have done their research, and they know when and how you vote, and they know you aren’t as likely to vote for them, So they’re making it harder for you to vote hoping that you won’t bother.”

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“Here in Minnesota, we’re not in the business of stifling First Amendment freedoms and banning books. That’s not what Minnesotans do – and that’s not what Americans do.” – Gov. Tim Walz on Twitter