The Weekender (7/15/22)


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Maryland: Donald Trump delivered another massive blow to Kelly Schulz just one week before Maryland’s Primary Election Day, releasing a statement once again endorsing Dan Cox’s far-right extremism and slamming Schulz as “low-energy.” As Cox gets yet another “Complete and Total Endorsement!” from Trump, Schulz is caught up filing pointless complaints and complaining about DGA press releases to distract from her terrible campaign, while she dodges debates to avoid answering where she stands. Most recently, Schulz has refused to answer whether she’d support Trump if he runs in 2024. Polling has consistently shown Cox beating Schulz and beating her by even more when GOP voters know about Trump’s endorsement of Cox and Larry Hogan’s endorsement of Schulz.
Wisconsin: As Wisconsin Republicans remain deeply divided on who they want their nominee for governor to be, Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Michels are at each other’s throats. This week, Kleefisch attacked Michels directly for failing to take responsibility for his company’s actions and its so-called “liberal positions.” Kleefisch is also running multiple attack ads against Michels, including one where she accuses Michels of being “out for himself.” In another Kleefisch ad, Wisconsin’s favorite failed former governor Scott Walker joins in on the mudslinging against Michels. In response, Michels, who is proudly endorsed by Trump, said it’s “sad” Kleefisch decided to go negative and that “when politicians are shocked to find themselves losing, they go negative out of desperation.”

Trump Announces Arizona Rally, Escalating Nasty Proxy War with Ducey
Donald Trump is escalating his attacks on Doug Ducey yet again, announcing this week that he’ll hold a rally in support of his hand-picked candidate Kari Lake just one week after Ducey endorsed her opponent Karrin Taylor Robson.“The primary is the latest point of contention between Trump and Ducey,” Politico reported. “The former president has repeatedly assailed the Arizona governor … After the election, Ducey was famously seen putting the former president to voicemail.”As Trump and Ducey rehash their years-old feud, the Arizona GOP primary has become dominated by far-right litmus tests and conspiracy theories. Last week in a debate, Lake and Taylor Robson did their best Trump-Ducey impressions, resorting to name-calling and pushing extreme policies. Lake has centered her campaign on Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was stolen. Taylor Robson continues to embrace the Big Lie too out of desperation for the support of Trump’s base. In a recent interview with Todd Starnes, Taylor Robson wouldn’t even say if she would certify the 2024 election results in Arizona if she were elected governor.

Laura Kelly Lands Largest Economic Development Project in Kansas History with $4 Billion Investment, 4,000 New Jobs
By working with both parties and steadily getting the state back on track, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly just delivered a historic economic development opportunity, landing a deal with Panasonic Energy Co. to build one of the largest electric vehicle battery manufacturing facilities in America.Panasonic will invest up to $4 billion — the largest economic development project in Kansas history — and create up to 4,000 direct new jobs. The development, which was also praised by Kansas Republicans, will also have ripple effects throughout the regional and state economy, supporting an estimated 4,000 additional jobs created by suppliers and community businesses and 16,500 construction jobs.This comes as Gov. Kelly has already shattered records of new business investments coming to Kansas after she worked across the aisle to balance the budget and fund critical investments like infrastructure, public schools, and more.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on CNBC with Scott Cohn discussing CNBC declaring North Carolina the best state for business in the country this year.
Texas Democratic nominee Beto O’Rourke on MSNBC with Ali Velshi discussing the aftermath of the Uvalde shooting and the need for increased commonsense gun regulations.

“I will protect women’s reproductive rights. I will not back down. I think that’s important for women across our state and country, but it’s also good for business.”

  • North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on how his leadership helped earn North Carolina the top spot on CNBC’s 2021 ranking of America’s Top States for Business.

“[Kelly Schulz is] just like her boss, Larry Hogan, who locked down your state, destroyed your freedoms, and turned his back on the great people of Maryland.”Who said it? Send your answer to, and we’ll reveal the answer in the next Weekender!If you guessed GOP candidate for Arizona governor, Kari Lake, in last week’s edition, you were right! Endorsed by Trump, Lake continues to promote his unfounded stolen election claim.