The Weekender (5/19/23)


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Kentucky: DGA-Backed Group Launches New TV Ad in KY to Hold Cameron Accountable For Covering for Bevin’s Dangerous Pardons

As first reported by Fox News, a DGA-backed group called Defending Bluegrass Values launched a new TV ad titled “Outrage.”The ad exposes Daniel Cameron’s failed record of covering for former Governor Matt Bevin’s appalling and corrupt pardons of more than a dozen violent criminals, including a man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and nearly killing a 15-year-old boy, along with a convicted felon whose brother contributed to Bevin’s campaign.At the time, Cameron said the scandal was “something we’ll look at,” but has sat back for three years and watched as some of the criminals were arrested again and has still refused to appoint a special prosecutor. Earlier this week, this DGA also announced the launch of to hold Daniel Cameron accountable for his failed record.

Mississippi: Brandon Presley Declares “War on Corruption”Public Service Commissioner and candidate for governor Brandon Presley declared a “War on Corruption” in Mississippi, laying out a bold ethics plan that reins in campaign donations, increases transparency about lobbyists’ spending, and slams shut the revolving door that allows state officials to become lobbyists as soon as they leave office.Presley took aim at Governor Tate Reeves’ failed leadership for his role in the biggest public corruption scandal in Mississippi history, saying, “If you’re Tate Reeves’ personal trainer, the guy that teaches him to do jumping jacks, then you can get $1.3 million. This type of corruption and this sort of good old boy network makes me sick to my stomach.”

Mark Robinson Wants to “Continue to Move the Ball” on Abortion Ban

In an interview yesterday, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson confirmed that he believes North Carolina’s extreme new abortion ban does not go far enough, saying that this dangerous and deeply unpopular law “gives ourselves the opportunity to set ourselves up to get ready to continue to move the ball” by banning abortion before most women even know they are pregnant.

None of this is new for Robinson. After facing broad backlash for promising to pass legislation to make sure women “can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason” — including outlawing exceptions for victims of rape or incest — he now claims he is “not interested in talking about abortion anymore,” in a transparent attempt to conceal his dangerous agenda.

Gov. Walz Signs Bills Protecting Minnesotans’ Rights

Thanks to Governor Tim Walz, Minnesotans’ rights have some brand new legal protection. On Thursday, Gov. Walz signed three bills protecting people seeking or providing abortions in Minnesota and banning the practice of conversion therapy.

“When someone else is given basic rights, others don’t lose theirs. We’re not cutting a pie here. We’re giving basic rights to every single Minnesotan right to make the decisions about their own body that they feel is best for them,” said Gov. Walz. “Today, we’re protecting the rights of Minnesotans and making sure our state remains a place where people have the freedom to get the care they need to live their fullest lives.”

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“I will never ever back down when it comes to women’s health, and that’s what the people of North Carolina want me to do.” – Governor Roy Cooper on CNN