The Weekender (3/18/22)


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New Mexico: This week, Mark Ronchetti skipped his fifth straight public forum in the crowded Republican primary for governor. As GOP infighting escalates, “Wrongchetti” has been hiding out to avoid losing his already dismal support. The other candidates in the crowded GOP primary have slammed Ronchetti for refusing to show up at all five forums thus far. Jay Block called him “a total hypocrite” and accused him of “cowardice,” also starting the hashtags #MIAMark and #MissingMark. Ronchetti has “kicked his campaign into damage control mode” after he bombed in the GOP pre-primary convention, so it’s no surprise he’s hiding from his opponents and New Mexico Republicans.
Nevada: After months of hiding, Joe Lombardo finally sat down for an interview but still wouldn’t answer questions about his record that new polling shows will hurt him in the primary. “So Joe Lombardo has been the invisible man pretty much with media outlets reaching out to the sheriff of Clark County,” a KSNV anchor said. “Now running for governor, we want to get his views on a number of issues, but he hasn’t answered our calls for an interview.” But when No Show Joe finally turned up for an interview, he danced around allegations that he’s not conservative enough. Grasping at straws to defend his record, Lombardo pointed to his time as sheriff. But that record includes lying about his stance on immigration, support for defunding the police, and past support for Gov. Steve Sisolak. The latest PPP poll found Lombardo with dismal support despite his allies spending over two million dollars on TV ads. And his support drops off when voters hear about this record.

Primary Opponents and Police Slam Gov. Mike DeWine for Signing Dangerous Concealed Carry Bill
Gov. Mike DeWine is facing heat from police organizations for signing legislation that allows people to carry a concealed handgun without a permit or training. The legislation also nixes the requirement that people tell law enforcement if they’re armed during traffic stops.Hamilton County Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey, the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, and other law enforcement organizations have come out against the bill, saying it would make Ohio more dangerous for residents and law enforcement. Gov. DeWine signing this extreme legislation shows he knows he’s vulnerable in his GOP primary, with opponent Jim Renacci saying, “the only reason DeWine decided at the 11th hour to sign this bill is because his reelection campaign is in serious trouble. He’s a four-decade career politician who will say or do anything to get reelected.”

Gov. Janet Mills Praised for Nominating First Black Judge to Supreme Court
A new opinion article in the Portland Press Herald praises Gov. Janet Mills for nominating the first Black judge to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. “Judge Rick Lawrence’s confirmation would be a giant step for Maine’s minority and Black communities,” wrote journalist Abdi Nor Iftin.Gov. Mills’ nomination of Judge Lawrence could restore Black communities’ faith in the Maine justice system by addressing incarceration of Black and brown communities and creating programs to inform communities about drugs and other offenses.Iftin stressed the importance of electing leaders like Gov. Mills who stand by Black Mainers, writing: “This news could not have come at a better time as Maine heads into a gubernatorial election year, when we will have to choose between a former governor, who called Black people rapists who bring drugs into the state, and the current governor, who has nominated the first Black man to the state’s highest court.” As governor, Paul LePage said people of color were enemies of the state and suggested they be shot. He also said, “Black people come up the highway and they kill Mainers.”

“Whether it’s investing in child care and improving public education, or cutting costs and increasing public safety, Democratic governors are using funding from the American Rescue Plan to do what they do best — make a positive difference in the lives of the American people.”

  • DGA Chair North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper highlighting how Democratic governors are turning ARP funds into real solutions.

“A recent poll funded by @DemGovs shows that our lead continues to grow as voters learn the truth about @JoeLombardoNV’s failures on the 2nd Amendment, illegal immigration, and public safety.”Who said it? Send your answer to, and we’ll reveal the answer in the next Weekender!If you thought Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen said it last week, you were right! When his COVID-19 conspiracies were aired on Russian state-run tv, Jensen boasted about getting support from Putin.