The Weekender (10/30/20)


Welcome to the Democratic Governors Association’s Friday newsletter, The Weekender. This is the final Weekender before Election Day!

Let’s get started.

North Carolina: Gov. Roy Cooper released his closing ad, speaking directly to North Carolinians and highlighting his leadership on the COVID-19 pandemic, always making decisions in the interest of saving lives. Looking ahead, Gov. Cooper says North Carolina can use this moment to make something good out of all they’ve been through – expanding health care, strengthening schools, and helping small businesses. A WRAL poll from early October shows Gov. Cooper is still leading Dan Forest.

Montana: In his final ad of the election, “All Counts,” Democratic candidate Mike Cooney lays out why his judgement, character, and accomplishments make him the clear choice to be Montana’s next governor. According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Cooney remains locked in a dead heat with Greg Gianforte, and as turnout appears to bust voter participation records, polling suggests that Cooney has the upper hand on Gianforte if Democratic turnout is strong.

Missouri: Democratic candidate Nicole Galloway released her closing campaign ad, “Cut It.” If Gov. Mike Parson gets re-elected, he’ll do things the same old way – that won’t cut it anymore. As governor, Galloway will find every wasted dollar and use it to lower health care costs and get the economy moving. Polling has the race between Parson and Galloway in a dead heat – a Saint Louis University/YouGov poll from July showed the race in a statistical tie, and a Galloway campaign internal poll from early October shows similar results.

Parson’s Allies Release Another Ad Riddled With Lies and Sexist Attacks

Parson’s PAC Uniting Missouri is out with a new video accusing Nicole Galloway of being unqualified for governor – all because she’s a woman who won’t fit in with the Jefferson City good ol’ boys club. Not only is calling her unqualified sexist, it’s just not true.

As the state’s top financial watchdog, and the only female statewide elected official, Galloway has rooted out fraud and waste in the state government and held corrupt politicians like Mike Parson accountable. Her audits have uncovered $370 million in wasted or stolen taxpayer money and resulted in 63 criminal counts brought against corrupt public officials from both political parties. What’s more, she was actually elected to her position, something that Mike Parson can’t even claim. Galloway’s resume also includes her service as treasurer for one of Missouri’s largest counties, as well as time in the private sector.

But according to the GOP, if you want to be governor, you have to give special treatment to lobbyists, have members of your own party investigate your inner circle for corruption, waste taxpayer money on flights to your private home, deny families paid leave and access to affordable health care, and mishandle a pandemic, resulting in the deaths of thousands. Looks like Mike Parson fits the bill.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz Teams Up with Former Govs For Nonpartisan PSA Calling for Civility Around Election

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz reunited with former Govs. Mark Dayton, Tim Pawlenty, and Jesse Ventura for a nonpartisan PSA encouraging Minnesotans to vote and calling for civility during the upcoming election.

As some Republicans, including the President, seek to create chaos in our election system and decry voter fraud with zero evidence, the governors call for calm next week, telling people they are confident in Minnesota’s secure voting system and explaining why it’s ok if results aren’t final on November 3rd.

Gov. Walz said, “There is so much more that unites us rather than divides us.”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, calling out President Trump’s “un-American” attacks on the upcoming election.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on MSNBC Live with Katy Tur and NBC’s Today Show, responding to President Trump’s attacks on him and on voting in Pennsylvania at campaign rallies.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle, discussing mail-in voting and the upcoming election, and asking Coloradans to buckle down and wear masks heading into the winter.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, discussing President Trump’s comments about the plot to kidnap her.

“We can change the country and the world by voting. It’s time to get your ballot in.”

  • Oregon Gov. Kate Brown encouraging Americans to turn their ballots in during a press conference with Stacey Abrams and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“Theresa didn’t get very far on her RV tour, did she?”

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If you guessed North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum last week, you were right! Burgum rejected imposing a mask mandate even though the state is experiencing one of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the world.