The Weekender (10/1/21)


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Virginia: Terry McAuliffe once again emerged as the clear winner of this week’s debate, outlining his positive agenda for the Commonwealth and citing his track record of delivering economic success and progress for Virginians. McAuliffe understands that the best way to put the pandemic behind us once and for all is by getting as many Virginians as possible vaccinated. In the debate, he laid out a plan to do just that by ensuring child care providers, state employees, teachers, and health care workers are vaccinated. Opposing vaccines will prolong the pandemic, kill job growth, and threaten lives — and it’s exactly what will happen if Glenn Youngkin, who promised to remove vaccination requirements on ‘day one,’ is elected governor. McAuliffe’s ads “Small Smiles” and “Neglect” explained to voters who Youngkin is — a man willing to put Virginians at risk to line his own pockets. Youngkin’s role in the abuse of children and the elderly makes him unfit for Virginia, and when asked if he would support another Trump bid for the White House, he stated, “I’ll support him.” Virginians have the opportunity to continue to move forward with McAuliffe towards a better, fairer Virginia or move backward with Youngkin’s extreme agenda. As DGA Political Director Marshall Cohen said, “The choice could not be clearer.”

New Jersey: This week, Gov. Phil Murphy and Jack Ciattarelli went head to head in the New Jersey’s first gubernatorial debate. While Gov. Murphy delivered solutions for keeping New Jersey safe throughout the pandemic, strengthening New Jersey’s economy, and improving access to affordable healthcare, Ciattarelli repeated the same extremist lies and unpopular policies that have put him behind in this race since the start. Ciattarelli spouted unpopular positions on LGBTQ+ rights, gun laws, and once again defended his attendance at a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally. Off the stage, “Main Street Jack Ciattarelli” and his business came under fire after the Star-Ledger released a report exposing Ciattarelli for making millions pushing doctors to overprescribe harmful opioids. If Ciattarelli hoped for a chance to claw his way back into the race, he failed.

Brian Kemp Walks Away As the Big Loser From Last Weekend’s Trump Rally in Georgia

Last weekend, Donald Trump continued his attacks on Gov. Brian Kemp at a rally in Georgia, touting the need to challenge Kemp, saying, “I’m telling you, I think there’s something wrong with them … your RINO Governor Brian Kemp has been a disaster on election integrity.”The GOP infighting is a major crisis for Kemp, who was already vulnerable because of his failed record on COVID-19, refusal to support fully expanding Medicaid, and harmful voter suppression bill. Making it even worse for Kemp, in interviews with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Trump’s hand-picked slate of challengers all declined to defend Kemp.

Georgia Public Broadcasting wrote that Trump “launched withering attacks on incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp … Not since Sherman’s March to the Sea more than 150 years ago has Georgia seen someone so intent on burning everything to the ground — at least figuratively this time — like Trump is doing to those within his own party that do not cater to his whims.”

Gov. Andy Beshear Secures Largest Economic Development Project in State History
Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear is making enormous strides in growing the state’s economy and establishing Kentucky as a leader in manufacturing. Gov. Beshear recently announced Kentucky’s largest economic development project ever with Ford Motor Co. and SK Innovation, which will build two electric battery plants to power electric vehicles. The project will invest a record $5.8 billion into Kentucky and create 5,000 new jobs. The major economic development initiative also shatters every single annual economic development record for yearly investment totals in state history and puts Kentucky on track for its best job-creating year in history.The Lexington Herald-Leader adds that this game-changing announcement comes after “the governor successfully guided legislation in a special law-making session this month” by working with both parties to ensure Kentucky could compete for large-scale economic development projects like this.” Gov. Beshear said, “Our economy is on fire —and now, it’s electric. Never again will we be thought of as a flyover state. Our time is now. Our future is now.”

Kentuckians will always remember how he spearheaded this monumental economic development initiative positioning the Commonwealth to be a national leader in this new and exciting manufacturing sector. There’s no question that Gov. Beshear’s strong and steady leadership continues to guide Kentucky on the path forward.

Virginia candidate Terry McAuliffe on MSNBC with Hallie Jackson explaining how much is at stake in the gubernatorial election.Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards’ press conference on the effects of Hurricane Ida and the state of COVID.

“A guy who votes to defund Planned Parenthood ain’t a governor for women. Period.”

  • New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy slamming Republican Jack Ciattarelli’s radical anti-abortion record.

“Children are not vulnerable to this virus.”Who said it? Send your answer to, and we’ll reveal the answer in the next Weekender!

If you guessed Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake last Friday, excellent job! Lake, who was recently endorsed by Donald Trump, is dragging the Arizona GOP primary field to the right by perpetuating false claims of voter fraud.