The Weekender (2/28/20)


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Missouri: Uniting Missouri released a new statewide ad touting GOP Gov. Mike Parson’s close relationship with President Trump, but the ad omitted the reference to the president in the St. Louis and Kansas City media markets, where 65% of the state population resides. This is the latest piece of evidence of Trump’s waning ability to carry Republicans over the finish line. Ever since former GOP Gov. Eric Greitens hinted at a potential run for his old seat, Parson’s Super PAC has been spending big to scare off the disgraced former governor.
Montana: A new poll from the University of Montana revealed that only 37% of Montanans feel that leading Republican gubernatorial candidate, Greg Gianforte, has done a good job in Congress. Gianforte is significantly less popular than Gov. Steve Bullock and every other member of the Montana federal delegation, boding ill for his run for governor.

Overridden: Dems Block Scott’s Attempt to Deny Vermonters A Raise
Vermont Democrats scored a historic victory for working families as the House voted to override Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of a minimum wage increase. The bill, which raises the minimum wage to $12.55 by 2022, will likely result in higher wages for 40,000 Vermonters, but out-of-touch Phil Scott has made it clear he only wants one Vermonter to make more money – himself.
While he tried (and failed) to deny a pay raise to hard-working Vermont residents for the second time, Scott gave himself a raise, bringing his total compensation to over $220,000. Phil Scott loves to say no to working class families – just last month he wielded his veto power to deny workers 12 weeks of paid family leave. All this while cost of living remains a big concern among voters in Vermont, especially young professionals who are deciding where to settle down.

North Carolina Sides With Gov. Cooper on Medicaid Expansion, Investing In Education
In the ongoing budget battle between Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and the Republican North Carolina Legislature, a new poll shows that the majority of North Carolina residents believe Medicaid should be expanded. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said Medicaid should be expanded in North Carolina, compared to only 30 percent who say the program should remain as is. Medicaid expansion would create nearly 40,000 more jobs and keep rural hospitals open.
Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dan Forest, is acting against the interests of North Carolina by opposing Medicaid expansion and failing to prioritize investments in education. Members of his own party like Graham County Commissioner Dale Wiggins pleaded with GOP lawmakers to support Medicaid expansion saying, “We believe we have a responsibility to look after our citizens. It’s a human being thing to us, not a political thing.”

13.4 billion Dollars in federal funds lost by North Carolina thanks to the Republican Legislature’s failure to approve Gov. Roy Cooper’s plan to expand Medicaid in the state
45,000 Dollars Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is urging the PA General Assembly to approve as the base salary for PA teachers
56 Percent of Minnesotans that approve of the job done by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz during his first full year in office

“I’m in our State Capitol, ready to work — ready and waiting for the Republicans to show up and do their jobs.”

“Daddy is not perfect.”
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If you guessed Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase last week, you were right! Chase announced that she would be running for governor in 2019, as a “real” Republican or an Independent if she is denied the nomination.