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DGA Announces $8 Million in Q1 Fundraising

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) announced it will have raised approximately $8 million in the first three months of 2012, over $2 million more than in the first quarter during the comparable 2008 cycle.
“This tremendous showing of support for the DGA reflects the critical role Democratic governors are playing in job creation and expanding opportunity as our economy steadily recovers,” said DGA Chair Martin O’Malley. “Meanwhile, Republican governors have taken a hard right turn and are focused on rolling back workers’ rights, women’s rights, and voters’ rights.”
O’Malley continued, “While we continue to face a challenging electoral environment in 2012, our robust fundraising efforts will ensure DGA has the resources to support our competitive races – and help Democratic governors keep our country moving forward, not back.”
DGA has a strong track record putting its resources to work aggressively on behalf of Democratic governors and combating efforts at Republican overreach: in the top two gubernatorial races of 2011 in West Virginia and Kentucky, as well as the successful effort to rebuke Governor John Kasich’s overreach against workers in Ohio, DGA prevailed in tough contests despite being massively outspent by the Republican Governors Association ($5 million to $2.4 million in West Virginia, $1.3 million to $500,000 in Kentucky, and $1.38 million to $180,000 in Ohio).
Fundraising Background:
The total reflects over $2 million more than the DGA raised during the same period in 2008 ($5.8M), a comparable cycle during a presidential election year when Democrats held 28 governors’ seats vs. only 20 today.