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Ed Gillespie: No Comment

On June 22, Gillespie Said He Would Be “Thoroughly Reviewing the Senate’s Proposal.” He Has Not Released Any Additional Statements. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Gillespie said, “I look forward to thoroughly reviewing the Senate’s proposal and determining its potential impact on Virginia. Virginians deserve access to quality, affordable health care, and this is a major issue facing our Commonwealth.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 6/22/17]



New Jersey

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno: No Comment

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno has not released a statement.




Gov. John Kasich: Against

Gov. John Kasich Said He Has “Deep Concerns” with the Senate Health Care Bill. According to a statement from Gov. John Kasich, “I have deep concerns with details in the U.S. Senate’s plan to fix America’s health care system and the resources needed to help our most vulnerable, including those who are dealing with drug addiction, mental illness and chronic health problems and have nowhere else to turn. Sustainable solutions to the many complex problems facing our health care system will never be solved with a one-party approach that’s developed behind closed doors, without public discussion and input. I’m encouraging Senators to step back and take a good, hard look at this important issue — and to reach across the aisle in working toward solutions. That’s the only way to address the flaws of Obamacare that we can all agree need to be fixed.” [Twitter, @JohnKasich, 6/22/17]

Rep. Jim Renacci: Supports

Renacci Tweeted, “While My Opponents Duck the Tough Issues like Expanded Medicaid, I’ll Happily Go it Alone & Lead By Taking a Stand.” [Twitter, @JimRenacci, 6/23/17]

Rep. Jim Renacci Said the Senate Health Care Bill was Heading in the Right Direction. According to the Plain Dealer, “U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, who is positioning himself as the pro-Trump choice in a four-way GOP race for governor, was the sole candidate to give any indication of where he stood. He stopped short of giving full support to the Senate bill, but said they were heading in the right direction. ‘What I know for certain is that the Senate must keep this process moving forward by advancing repeal and replace legislation to allow both chambers to then jointly produce a bill that we can get to the President’s desk,’ he said. Obamacare ‘is collapsing further every day and Washington must get this done for the good of the nation.’” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/23/17]

In May 2017, Renacci Voted for the American Health Care Act. According to the New York Times, Renacci voted for the American Health Care Act. [New York Times, 5/4/17]

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor: No Comment

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor Said She was Reviewing the Senate Health Care Bill, Refused Comment on Medicaid Cuts. According to the Plain Dealer, “Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, Kasich’s preferred candidate, said she was reviewing the bill and would be contacting Ohio Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman to discuss it further. Taylor did not directly address the Medicaid expansion, but said Obamacare was ‘failing Ohioans, and must be repealed and replaced.’ Taylor recently went public about her two sons’ troubles with opioids. However, according to the Dayton Daily News, she is still against the expansion. Taylor did not comment on the expansion as it pertains to the opioid crisis, instead offering a list of reforms government needs to take to counter the drug epidemic.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/23/17]

Sec. State Jon Husted: No Comment

On Thursday, Sec. of State Jon Husted’s Spokesman Said it was “Too Soon” to Comment on the Senate Health Care Bill. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “A spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said it was ‘too soon to predict what the final product might be’ to comment on the Senate bill since it was only made public on Thursday. Husted has mostly avoided the question about whether he supports the Medicaid expansion and thinks it should be kept in place. During a May 9 campaign stop in Cleveland, Husted declined to say if he supported the Medicaid expansion or the House version of the repeal bill that was by then making its way through the Senate. ‘We’ll have to see what (repeal and replace) is going to look like before passing final judgment, because it’s only a third of the way through the process,’ Husted said at the time. Husted spokesman Joshua Eck said Husted will be rolling out more specifics in the near future. ‘The Secretary generally believes that, as the program is currently constructed, we can’t pay for it, so we will have to find ways of being more innovative in the future,’ Eck said.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/23/17]

A.G. Mike DeWine: No Comment

When Asked, Attorney General Mike DeWine Did Not Speak to the Specifics of the Senate Health Care Bill. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who is expected to announce his candidacy for governor on Sunday, didn’t speak to the specifics of the Senate bill, but said the Medicaid expansion wasn’t fiscally sound. ‘Medicaid expansion is part of Obamacare and isn’t financially sustainable for Ohio or the federal government,’ DeWine said. ‘With more flexibility, Ohio can provide better health care and affordable insurance. Further, I hope the version of Obamacare repeal that is ultimately signed by the President will give hope to a generation of Ohioans who need care and give proper resources for Ohio to aggressively battle the opioid crisis.’ DeWine also pointed out he was one of the attorneys general who initially filed suit to block Obamacare’s implementation.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/23/17]




Gov. Rick Scott: No Comment

“Scott Didn’t Explicitly Come Out For Or Against The Bill,” But Scott Praised House When it Repealed ACA. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “Scott didn’t explicitly come out for or against the bill, but he praised the House when it passed the measure to repeal the Affordable Care Act last month.” [Orlando Sentinel, 6/23/17]

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam: No Comment

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam has not released a statement.

State Senator Jack Latvala: No Comment

State Senator Jack Latvala has not released a statement.

State House Speaker Richard Corcoran: Supports

Corcoran Said He Fully Supported Senate Efforts to Repeal and Replace Obamacare. According to a tweet from Richard Corcoran, “My statement on the introduction of the Senate Health Care plan. #Repeal #Replace.”

Text of Twitter graphic: “I fully support efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. This health care failure led to skyrocketing premiums, trillions in new and hidden taxes, coverage mandates, and insurance monopolies. Florida faced considerable pressure to expand Medicaid, but stayed fiscally responsible. Florida should not be penalized for this common sense choice. We will continue to work alongside Senator Rubio and Governor Scott to improve access and quality for all Floridians and ensure Florida’s fair share of funding.” [Twitter, @richardcorcoran, 6/23/17]


New Mexico

Rep. Steve Pearce: No Comment

Rep. Steve Pearce has not released a statement.

In May 2017, Pearce Voted for the American Health Care Act. According to the New York Times, Pearce voted for the American Health Care Act. [New York Times, 5/4/17]

Lt. Gov. John Sanchez: No Comment

Lt. Governor John Sanchez has not released a statement.



Sec. State Kris Kobach: Supports

Kobach Said the Senate Health Care Bill was Better than the House Version and that “It Will Pass.” In an appearance on FOX News’ The Specialists, Kobach said, “I see the CBO score as a shot in the arm for the Republican bill. The reason is the Senate Republicans are sitting there thinking, ‘Okay, I’ve seen the House bill, not sure I like the House bill.’ Then they see the Senate bill and they just learned that the Senate bill results in 1 million fewer uninsured and saves $200 billion more than the House bill does. So they can say to their constituents the Senate bill is better in both respects than the House bill. The other thing you have to remember is these five Republicans who’ve gone out on a limb and said ‘we are no votes until you do something for us’—it’s a political ploy, most of them are willing to take the amendments and vote yes. But as soon as three of them fold and say ‘I got the amendments I wanted,’ or two of them fold and say ‘I got the amendments I wanted,’ then the pressure is immense on the other three. They do not want to be the one Republican who stopped the repeal and replace of Obamacare. So I say it’s going to pass – maybe not by the 4th of July – but it will pass.” [FOX News, The Specialists, 6/26/17]

Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer: No Comment

Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer has not released a statement.

Former Rep. Ed O’Malley: No Comment

Former Rep. Ed O’Malley has not released a statement.

A.G. Derek Schmidt: No Comment

Attorney General Derek Schmidt has not released a statement.

State Senate President Susan Wagle: No Comment

State Senate President Susan Wagle has not released a statement.

Wink Hartman: No Comment

Wink Hartman has not released a statement.

Rep. Kevin Yoder: No Comment  

Rep. Kevin Yoder has not released a statement.

In May 2017, Yoder Voted for the American Health Care Act. According to the New York Times, Rep. Kevin Yoder voted for the American Health Care Act. [New York Times, 5/4/17]

Jim Barnett: Against

Jim Barnett Said the Senate Health Care Bill is “Wrong for Kansas.” According to the Hays Post, “Jim Barnett, a practicing physician for 35 years who recently announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor, today called the health bill being considered by United States Senate ‘wrong for Kansas’ and urged them to develop a better alternative. ‘Congress’ priority should be improving our nation’s private health insurance system,“ Barnett said, ‘so that quality health insurance is available and affordable for every American. Unfortunately, this bill doesn’t achieve that.’” [Hays Post, 6/26/17]



Gov. Doug Ducey: No Comment

Arizona Republic Columnist: Ducey Has Publicly Said “Nothing” About Senate Health Care Bill. According to The Arizona Republic columnist, “So here we are. It’s Monday. Does anybody know where Gov. Doug Ducey is? Since the Senate bill was released, the governor has, in the strongest possible terms, come out publicly and said ……Nothing. Last Wednesday, the day before the Senate bill was released, he sent a letter to Sen. John McCain outlining five changes he’d like to see, based on the House bill and ‘bits and pieces we’ve read in the media.’” [Arizona Republic, Laurie Roberts Column, 6/26/17]



Gov. Kim Reynolds: Supports

Reynolds Said the Senate’s Health Care Bill was a “Step in the Right Direction.” According to KWQC, “Reynolds was also asked about the new nationwide healthcare plan pitched by Senate Republicans early Thursday. ‘What I’m excited about is the process is moving forward,” she said. “That’s what needs to happen. Obamacare is unaffordable and unworkable.’ Just days ago, Iowa’s last healthcare insurer, Medica, announced it will seek a 43.5% increase in premium rates for next year under the Affordable Care Act. Reynolds says the state is looking to create a stopgap plan to make sure people do not lose their coverage by January 1st, 2018. ‘We’re still focused with the White House to make sure we have that option so 72,000 Iowans don’t have any coverage,’ Reynolds added. She believes the new healthcare proposal is a step in the right direction.” [KWQC, 6/22/17]

Mayor Ron Corbett: No Comment

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett has not released a statement.



Sen. Susan Collins: Against

Sen. Susan Collins Said She Would Not Vote for the Senate Health Care Bill After Reviewing the CBO Analysis Because “22 Million People Lose Insurance; Medicaid Cuts Hurt Most Vulnerable Americans.” In a series of tweets, Susan Collins Said: “I want to work w/ my GOP & Dem colleagues to fix the flaws in ACA. CBO analysis shows Senate bill won’t do it. I will vote no on mtp. 1/3” “CBO says 22 million people lose insurance; Medicaid cuts hurt most vulnerable Americans; access to healthcare in rural areas threatened. 2/3” “Senate bill doesn’t fix ACA problems for rural Maine. Our hospitals are already struggling. 1 in 5 Mainers are on Medicaid. 3/3” [Twitter, @SenatorCollins, Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3, 6/26/17]

Rep. Bruce Poliquin: No Comment

In May 2017, Poliquin Voted to Replace the Affordable Care Act with the American Health Care Act. According to the Bangor Daily News, “U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin voted on Thursday to back fellow Republicans’ plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, breaking his silence on the American Health Care Act just before the vote in the House of Representatives.” [Bangor Daily News, 5/4/17]

Mary Mayhew: No Comment

Mary Mayhew has not released a statement.

Mayhew Endorsed the “Dramatic Improvements” in the House Version of Trumpcare. According to WCSH, Reporter: So you are happy with the changes? Mayhew: We have seen dramatic improvements. The work requirement, prohibiting other states from expanding Medicaid. Recognizing at the end of the day there is only so much money and we can’t continue to amass larger debt at the federal level. We’ve got to be responsible.” [WCSH, 3/21/17]



Gov. Brian Sandoval: Against

Gov. Brian Sandoval Said, “It Appears that the Proposed Bill Will Dramatically Reduce Coverage and Will Negatively Impact Our Future State Budgets, Which Causes Me Great Concern.” According to KTVN, Sandoval’s office issued the following statement: “My office and the Department of Health and Human Services are reviewing the bill and will assess its potential effect on all Nevadans. I am disappointed that Congress did not include us in the consideration of this bill and we have not seen it until today. While the current healthcare system needs improvement, it remains my priority to protect Nevada’s expansion population to ensure our most vulnerable, especially individuals with mental illness, the drug addicted, chronically ill, and our children, will always have access to healthcare. Preliminarily, it appears that the proposed bill will dramatically reduce coverage and will negatively impact our future state budgets, which causes me great concern. My office is in regular communication with Senator Heller’s office and I have had ongoing discussions with the Senator about the impact of healthcare reform on the State of Nevada.” [KTVN, 6/22/17]

A.G. Adam Laxalt: No Comment

Attorney General Adam Laxalt has not released a statement.



Gov. Bruce Rauner: No Comment

On The Day The Senate Healthcare Bill Was Revealed, Rauner’s Office Said, “The Senate Proposal Is Being Reviewed. We Will Have No Further Comment.” According to Lynn Sweet’s column in the Chicago Sun-Times, “On Thursday, Rauner deputy chief of staff Lance Trover said in an email, “The Senate proposal is being reviewed. We will have no further comment. I will refer you to the governor’s previous comments on this issue.’’ [Chicago Sun-Times, Lynn Sweet, 6/22/17]


New Hampshire

Gov. Chris Sununu: Against

On June 27, Sununu Announced His Opposition to the Senate Health Care Bill. According to WMUR, “Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday announced his opposition to the Republican U.S. Senate health care bill as currently written, saying that the bill’s per capita cap on Medicaid could cost New Hampshire $1.4 billion in federal funding in the first decade that the bill is in effect. […] ‘While we remain committed to reforming health care, the current version of the BCRA goes beyond addressing Obamacare’s flaws,’ Sununu wrote. ‘This is not an approach I can support, and I am opposed to the BCRA as currently written.’” [WMUR, 6/27/17]



Gov. Scott Walker: Against*

Gov. Scott Walker Said He Supports Sen. Ron Johnson’s Opposition to the Senate Health Care Bill. According to the Associated Press, “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he supports Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s opposition to the Senate health care bill at this point. Walker told reporters Friday he hopes the bill can be changed to help protect the system in place in Wisconsin. Walker has rejected nearly $700 million in federal Medicaid expansion money while creating a system that covers everyone at or below poverty level. Johnson is among a group of Republican senators who want to make changes to the bill before they will vote for it. Johnson told WTMJ-AM radio that his main problem with the proposal is it doesn’t address the root cause of rising health insurance costs. Walker says the goal should be to increase access to quality and affordable health care, not the ranks of Medicaid.” [Associated Press, 6/23/17]


South Carolina

Gov. Henry McMaster: No Comment

Governor McMaster was “Encouraged” by Senate Health Care Bill, Said He Would Evaluate As It’s Debated in Congress. According to the State, “Gov. Henry McMaster is encouraged by many aspects of the Senate version of the bill released Thursday, his spokesman Brian Symmes said. ‘What the governor has made clear many times before is that he thinks Obamacare has failed and that it’s imperative that we replace it,’ he said. ‘The governor will follow (the bill) closely as it’s debated on the Senate floor and is looking forward to evaluating how it will affect South Carolinians.’” [The State, 6/26/17]

Catherine Templeton: No Comment

Catherine Templeton has not released a statement.



District Attorney George Brauchler: Supports

Colorado Times Recorder Headline: Brauchler calls on Republicans to pass health care bill, even if it’s not “perfect.” According to the Colorado Times Recorder, “Colorado gubernatorial candidate George Brauchler weighed into the contentious debate about health care today, telling a conservative talk radio host that he’d ‘like to see them not let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and get something done here.’ ‘I’d like to see the Republicans move forward, hopefully with Democrat help,’ Brauchler told KNUS 710-AM’s Casey Bloyer, who was substituting for Dan Caplis. ‘And I’d like to see them not let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and get something done here.’” [Colorado Times Recorder, 6/29/17]

Walker Stapleton: No Comment

Walker Stapleton has not released a statement.

Doug Robinson: No Comment

Doug Robinson has not released a statement.

County Commissioner Lew Gaiter: No Comment

County Commissioner Lew Gaiter has not released a statement.

Victor Mitchell: No Comment

Victor Mitchell Said People Shouldn’t Get “Stuck In The Binary Choice Between Obamacare And Trumpcare,” But Gave No Position on the Senate Version of Trumpcare. According to a Victor Mitch op-ed in the Gazette, “Instead of getting stuck in the binary choice between Obamacare and Trumpcare, we must look at other more innovative options. Most especially, we need to look outside the traditional model of insurance being the foundation of health care and consider the potential of an alternative system built around a network of nurse practioner-managed primary care clinics.” [Gazette, Victor Mitchell, 6/23/17]



State Senator Michael Williams: Supports

State Senator Michael Williams “We Need to Support this Bill.” According to an appearance on CNN, Williams Said, “First of all we need to support our President. He went out there and campaigned on repeal and replacing of Obamacare and that’s what the American people expect and that’s what they want. So we need to get out there and support the President and support this bill and get this bill passed.” [CNN, 6/24/17]

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle: No Comment

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has not released a statement.

Sec. State Brian Kemp: No Comment

Sec. of State Brian Kemp has not released a statement.

State Senator Hunter Hill: No Comment

State Senator Hunter Hill has not released a statement.



Gov. Rick Snyder: No Comment

Snyder’s Office Said He Needed “Time To Review” The Bill’s Impact, When Asked To Comment On The Senate Healthcare Plan. According to the Detroit Free Press, “Asked whether Gov. Rick Snyder, who is traveling in Europe, had any reaction, communications director Ari Adler said his office needs ‘time to review the potential impact on Michigan’s insurance markets, Medicaid program and the Healthy Michigan Plan.’ […] Like the House bill, the proposed Senate bill moves to roll back Medicaid expansion and reduce overall Medicaid costs by adopting a per-capita amount for states that would then increase with the consumer price index, despite evidence that may not keep up with total costs.” [Detroit Free Press, 6/22/17]

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley: No Comment

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley has not released a statement.

A.G. Bill Schuette: No Comment

Attorney General Bill Schuette has not released a statement.



Paul Mango: No Comment

Paul Mango has not released a statement.

State Sen. Scott Wagner: No Comment

State Sen. Scott Wagner has not released a statement.


Rhode Island

Mayor Allan Fung: No Comment

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has not released a statement.



Tim Herbst: No Comment

Tim Herbst has not released a statement.

Mark Lauretti: No Comment 

Mark Lauretti has not released a statement.

John McKinney: No Comment

John McKinney has not released a statement.

Peter Lumaj: No Comment

Peter Lumaj has not released a statement.

Themis Klarides: No Comment

Themis Klarides has not released a statement.

Tony Hwang: No Comment

Tony Hwang has not released a statement.

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