April 6, 2017


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CNN Highlights Wolf’s Leadership in Fighting Opioid Epidemic

CNN Highlights Wolf’s Leadership in Fighting Opioid Epidemic

Governor Wolf on Opioid Crisis: Repealing ACA Would Be a “Tragedy”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is leading the fight against opioid addiction in his state. The governor traveled with CNN to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, to highlight how he has used Medicaid expansion to broaden access to treatment and recovery services for those suffering from opioid addiction. The governor warned that any efforts to repeal the expansion would impede on the progress the state has made.

“There’s so many reasons why the repeal of this – the thoughtless repeal of this without replacing it with something – would be a real tragedy. A human tragedy for the people who depend on it, and it would be a tragedy for our society and our economy,” said Governor Wolf. “It takes real courage for a person suffering from substance abuse disorder to own up to it, get out of denial, and come in and say, ‘I really need help.’ Taking away the funding for the medical treatments they’re getting is just one more thing that would say, ‘see this really isn’t a medical disease, it’s a moral failing.’”

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