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Steve Bullock

Meet Governor Steve Bullock of Montana

About Steve Bullock

Governor Steve Bullock and his wife Lisa were born and raised in Montana, and have three kids in public schools. As Attorney General and now governor, Bullock is working to make Montana stronger for future generations – and an even greater place for families to call home.

Governor Bullock brought Republicans and Democrats together to balance the budget every year; maintained a $300 million rainy day fund; and put the state’s checkbook online to be more accountable to taxpayers. Bullock worked to reduce taxes and regulations – helping Montana business create over 20,000 new jobs and increase personal income among the fastest in the nation.

But Bullock knows there is more work to do – to prepare students for the global economy and help local businesses grow. Bullock will continue to fight for equal pay for women and equal opportunity for everyone. He will protect public access to Montana’s lands, rivers, and streams – and preserve the state’s rainy day fund without higher taxes.

While others push narrow political agendas, Bullock will always do what’s right for Montana.

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